Zip Code 92054 Oceanside Real Estate

Zip Code 92054 Oceanside Real Estate is along the coast of San Diego County. You may have been directed to this special 92054 Zip Code search if the property you wanted to see in this zip code is no longer available. The 2010 Census showed the Oceanside population to be 40,375 and Oceanside continues to grow in population. The majority of homes built in zip code 92054 were constructed in the period 1970-1979. Additional statistical data for zip code 92054 is available.  The following are an initial set of properties for sale and there’s a link to select all properties for you to to also see.

Below is a partial list of Homes and Condos for Sale in Zip code 92054 for Oceanside real estate. After the partial list select the “See all…” to see all the available listings:
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