MLS Issues

We get requests from time to time to remove MLS property photos, to remove sold listings or to remove a listing that expired or was cancelled. In all these cases, NONE of the listings were ours as we know how to handle such situations BEFORE we close the property transaction. For any of these requests please ensure your listing agent or your buyer agent has contacted the listing agent to handle your MLS issue request BEFORE contacting us. It is the listing agent or yourself as the property owner who can make such a request to Sandicor, the San Diego MLS board, to remove listings or photos.  WE CANNOT MAKE SUCH REQUESTS IF WE DIDN’T REPRESENT YOU.  Sandicor can be reached at (858) 662-6200.

Here are the things you should discuss with the listing agent for each of the aforementioned situations:

  1. Photos Need to be Removed – Request the listing agent with their broker permission to handle this task prior to close of escrow or after. DO NOT REQUEST WE REMOVE PHOTOS SHOWING ON OUR WEBSITES IF WE DIDN’T REPRESENT YOU. It’s the responsibility of the listing agent to make such requests and then once Sandicor MLS has made those changes does the MLS listing data service send the revisions to our websites.
  2. Sold MLS Listing Needs to Be Removed Due to Errors – The listing agent with their broker permission has to request Sandicor to remove the Sold property listing. This is a rare situation and usually only occurs if a listing erroneously went into the MLS which was not a MLS listing. Once the sold listing is removed then the MLS data feed service (IDX) corrects the feed to our websites. DO NOT REQUEST WE REMOVE SOLD LISTINGS just because it appears on our website as it’s a VIOLATION of MLS Rules. Sold listings are an important history of the MLS transactions and serve many purposes. Only an erroneous sold listing should be removed.
  3. Remove a Listing Due to Expired, Withdrawn or Cancelled.  Only the listing agent with their broker permission can make such changes.  DO NOT REQUEST WE REMOVE ANY MLS LISTING SHOWING ON OUR WEBSITES IF WE DIDN’T REPRESENT YOU!! The Sandicor MLS data feed has to be corrected as it’s the source of the listing data we show on our websites. We are not allowed per MLS rules to alter listing data.